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Freelancing has become a backup for all the startups who cannot afford a full-time employment. People have started diverting them towards project based pay as it is beneficial for them financially and reduces their responsibility towards employers. Growing business also invites competition and with it, a jar full of responsibilities. It becomes easy when you can hire a talent that fits in your budget. Freelancing has opened floodgates for the talents to flow in and display their best moves through different sources of the platform. It is beneficial for both, the client as well as the freelancer. It gets easy for an individual to work if they get an extra hand on the project.


But how to get a freelancer that fits right for your project? It’s easy to find a good freelancer, but really difficult to find the best one. Working with a freelancer would be a whole new experience with no burden of policies, payroll, and other responsibilities. They provide you with the quality work and putting all their efforts to make the project right and present the best they can.

Here are some factors that you should surely look out in a freelancer:


It is necessary to examine freelancer’s work over the years to understand the working pattern of the freelancer. Look up to their qualification and reviews done by other clients. Try understanding their idea about working as a freelancer, Interview them about what ended them up as a Freelancer, How mow much they love working as a Freelancer and the best part of being a Freelancer. This would be enough to understand their interest in the projects to take in.


Learning makes a person a lot better than before therefore it is very necessary for a client to look at the experience gained by the freelancer they are planning to hire. Check on the different type of projects they have worked on, to understand their area of interest. This will give a client a clear picture about the role he should provide the freelancer with. Experience doesn’t completely describe their skills at the end it’s just a number, so talk to them about their projects and experience they have been through in the journey of a freelancer.


There is a higher probability of not meeting the freelancer, whom you are planning to hire and work with. This makes you really difficult for you to judge them on their behavior or actions they do. That’s why it is said to have a strong communication bond with the person on the other side of the screen. Be clear with the idea of the project, and don’t forget to ask them to contribute their say for the same. This will surely allow you to judge their interest in working with you. Be clear with the terms and condition, pay pattern, and deadline at the start of the project.


Even though you are done exploring and reading about them completely, it’s time for you to test them. Give them a small project where they can use their skills and execute a sample for you to inspect. The result will help you make the decision easily and quickly. You can also judge on the time taken and quality of work you are provided with. It will be easy to rate their creativity or skills on the sample they provide us with. It is very necessary to clear test because you would be investing your time and money.


A Freelancer should be disciplined and committed to the projects he has signed for. It is very necessary for a freelancer to follow a work schedule, which helps them to be organized. While hiring a freelancer you should consider the time and days they would be devoting to your project. It is necessary to get a target list for the month as it is easy to track down their work, and it also helps you to understand their interest in your project.


Freelancer has become a trend that people are adopting, they are ready to quit their full employment and acquire their own projects in the market. It will be difficult to coordinate at the start but as the time pass it won’t be the same, but working with a freelancer is the whole new experience. You can hire people across the oceans and interact with them exchanging ideas as well as work culture. Share your working experience with a Freelancer.


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